Working 1953 Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun In Near Mint Condition w/ Orig. Box

Touted, without a hint of hyperbole, by the Manufacturer (who else?) as the "World's Greatest Signaling Device This Official Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun made by the The Commonwealth Utilities Company (A.K.A. the Norton-Honer Toy Company) of Chicago in 1953, is as iconic as a toy can be!

This particular model is in Near Mint Cosmetic and WORKING Condition! All functions operate like new; when you pull the trigger the light lights and buzzer buzzes. Included are two C batteries (that also adds a nice amount of weight to the gun; making it seem more substantial) so you can play with it a while before it goes on permanent display with the rest of your space toys (remember to remove the batteries first!). It measures 7 1/2" long and has the words Buck Rogers Sonic Ray in raised letters on one side and the adjustable controls for the buzzer on the other
The Box is also in near mint condition, with all corners intact top and bottom and without any bulging or creasing. The fantastic graphics are still bright and displayable with illustrations on one side of Wilma Deering under attack while signaling Buck aboard his Saturnian Raider, Buck using his Sonic Ray as a weapon against maleficent alien on another side and an image on the top of the 25th Century hero himself above this handy weapon/signal device
This would be a jewel in any space toy collection

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