VTG WWII U.S. Naval Submarine School Sterling DI Pin “Ense Et Aratro Paratus”

Very Rare Vintage World War II United States Naval Submarine School (Groton, CT) Enamel & Sterling DI/Pin measuring 1 1/8" wide by 1 1/4" tall, Manufactured by the Robbins Co. of Attleboro MA
This pin is outstanding! It features the motto "Ense Et Aratro Paratus" ("With Sword & Plow Ready"  ……………-"Plow"????), bannered beneath a Shield bearing inlayed blue, white and green enamel-work of one hand passing a torch to another below a tree on a grassy hill, with Twin Golden Seahorses on either side and a gold Navy Anchor and Dolphin above. The back of the pin states that it is "Sterling". At first I thought that this wasn't referring to it being made of silver at all, but some other designation. However, as Inspected it with an eye-loop I noticed that the little black spots on the pin wasn't scratched paint, but tarnish (that can be removed easily) forming over gilded paint. So I believe that this is a Sterling Silver pin that has been dipped in gold paint
The overall condition is Very Good. What stains that might be visible in the first photo I believe, and guarantee, can be removed with little effort


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