VTG Antique 1920s Black Americana Gauze Cloth Minstrel Black-Face Halloween Mask

Rare and Wrong 1920's Black Americana Gauze Halloween Minstrel Black-Face Mask measuring 6 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" long, in Very Good Vintage Condition
The most troubling, among several troubling things about this mask isn't the casual racism that allowed it to be made in the first place, or the pinheaded caricaturization of a race of people that were, at that point in time, unable to protest the constant barrage of indignities visited upon them daily…………..no, the real kicker is that this thing is child-sized! That just freaks me out
I used to stay away from dealing in this sort of material. I viewed these pieces like I would Nazi artifacts, but I became aware that a large percentage of people who collect them are African-Americans. Oprah, reputedly, has one of the world's largest collections of "Black Americana" (funny how innocuous that label is. White Americana is like Davy Crockett, not some other race belittling us). Anyway, the logic is as follows: By confronting our past head on we not only remain vigilant that it never happens again, but we are also encouraged and strengthened as a nation by reminding ourselves how far we've come."  -Yada yada yada……….I still think this stuff is creepy, but you obviously dig it or you wouldn't be reading this
This mask is in Very Good Condition with the following flaws: it is slightly wrinkled and some of the raised areas like the nose and cheeks have some bends in them, the edges are a little frayed and there is a small hole at the top where a staple held, what I'm assuming was, an equally offensive curly wig. There also isn't any string to hold the mask on, in case you wanted your child to wear this……..and if that's the case, do me a favor and let me mail this to your local DCFS office so that you can pick it up there
God, I feel so horribly politically correct all of sudden; and it takes a helluva lot to bring that out in me. If you, for whatever reason, collect this sort of thing………….well then, go ahead and buy it  -It's a free country………..-now


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