Vintage Viet Nam Era U.S. Divers D-Grip SCUBA Divers Knife w/ Scabbard

Classic Sea Hunt Style Divers Knife!

This U.S. Divers Viet Nam Era Divers Knife w/ Scabbard is in Outstanding Condition! The hard plastic of the hilt and scabbard sheath show only minimal signs of wear. The stainless steel blade, D-Grip handle, knife butt and scabbard collar are all in very nice shape (the collar does have a faint letter "S" shallowly scratched into it, but this is hardly noticeable and could be easily buffed out). The blade itself is still relatively keen and has no nicks or notches and the saw edge isn't blunted. The heavy canvass belt loop and retaining strap (with working snap) are also in great condition. This is a classic, old school accessory made in post war Japan by the premier American diving supply company of it's day

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