Vintage Very Rare 1960’s Chicago Cubs 19″ High Steel Trash Can Wastepaper Basket

Very Nice Vintage 1960's 19" High, 9" in Diameter Chicago Cubs Steel Wastepaper Basket with the Classic Waving Cub Logo

If you have a sports themed room or basement in your house, aaaaand if you prefer the Cubs to all of those other teams out there who are only worried about winning ball games, then I have the perfect statement piece for you my beleaguered, long-suffering, tenacious dreamer! This cubs trash can is not in perfect condition and, in this one rare instance, I think it's better because of it. The graphics are still bright, the enamel paint is mostly in tact, and there aren't any dents or dings, but the inside is rusty -just a powdering of surface rust, but rusty nonetheless.  -AND I LIKE IT. It looks cool, and although with a little bit of elbow grease, some oil and steel wool 
it could be minimized, I like it just the way it is. The outside is in nice shape, but one side has a little bit of the graphics scratched away and there are a few little specks of rust here and there (see photos to judge for yourself). I spent about 10 minutes sprucing the outside of this thing up with a little WD40 and a rag and I got about 70% of the dirt and stains off, but it could use another 10 minutes (I'll leave that for you)
I only found a photo of one other similar can on the internet and it was only 12" high, but the description said that it was marked Major League Baseball 1968. This one has the MLB logo but no date that I've seen. If this is also from 1968 it would be fitting since only a year later, after the Cubs stayed in first place for 155 days until they lost 17 of their last 25 games and handed first place over to the Mets, we Cub fans were in need of place to through our shattered dreams!

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