Vintage Unused & Rare 1950’s American Airlines Flight Line Coveralls Size 44

This is Probably the Only Chance That You Will Ever Have To Own a New And Unworn set of 1950's American Airlines Flightline Coveralls!
If you are into aviation collectibles you know that I'm speaking the truth here. In the re-sell world Airline Coveralls don't surface very often, and the ones that do are most often from the late 70's or newer, and those are usually in very bad condition. But a brand new pair from the 50's American Airlines? Well, that's just crazy talk!
This set of Overalls is a size 44. It's made from a slightly iridescent green, cotton, herringbone material. it has concealed front buttons, one breast pocket with a flap, one without, two front pockets with additional openings to reach into your pants pockets and two back pockets. The words American Airlines have been embroidered in thick protruding red stitches on the back. They are in Mint Condition!
These coveralls are definitely a part of our national aviation history and, quite honestly, belong on display in a museum


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