Vintage Unique Art Deco Ronson Brass Oil Derrick Ashtray w/ Butane Lighter

This is a very Unique and Distinctive Piece. A Vintage (I would place it, based on its style, to be mid 1930's) Ronson Art Deco Brass Ashtray with an Oil Derrick and a Matching Brass Butane Lighter

The ashtray is in great overall condition, but is in need of a cleaning. It measures 6" across at its widest point and 5" high to the top of the derrick. The brass removable tray itself hasn't any dents and maintains its copper colored paint nicely. The copper paint on the lighter, however, is cracking and peeling and will come off completely with little effort; this would reveal the brass finish of the lighter and wouldn't lessen its visual appeal one iota in my opinion. The pushbutton of lighter depresses with the proper amount of resistance, and I assume that once loaded with butane and a flint it will function perfectly (if not these lighters are easy to repair given that they only have a few moving parts)
This would look great on the desk of Daniel Plainview around the time that his fully grown son, H.B., visited him (and right before he bludgeons Eli Sunday with a bowling pin)…..if you haven't seen There Will Be Blood I apologize for the reference, but in that case I'd rather you not buy anything from us and, oh yeah…..Spoiler Alert!!!! 
…or in the collection of any non-fictional Oil Man, lighter collector, Art Deco lover, or Texan (they seem to really embrace the whole commercial oil drilling thing)

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