Vintage Smiley Face Clear Vinyl Tote Bag -New & Unused

Smiley Bag

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Vintage Smiley Face Clear Vinyl Tote Bag, New & Unused with Original Tag

The Smiley Face, since its inception in the 70's, has popped up so often that it has never had a chance to feel retro. From the "Have a Nice Day" variation of the 80's to the emoticon of today, whether splattered with the Comedian's blood in Alan Moore's Watchmen or as a stubbly bandanna-wearin' hippy on a Jeep spare tire cover; his little jaundiced, hydrocephalic mug may be as paradoxically dated as it is timeless.

This tote is new and unused. I would place its date somewhere around the mid 80's, which would make it part of Smiley revival 1.0


  1. Gretchen says:

    Could you please tell me how I can get a couple of your new vinyl smiley face bags?

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