Vintage Set of Two Alexander Backer Pink Chalkware Ballerinas ABCO No. 418 & 419

Lovely set of Very Detailed, Hand Painted, Vintage 1950's, 12" & 14" Pink Chalkware Ballerinas In the Third and Arabesque Positions made by The Alexander Backer Company, ABCO No's 418 & 419

These ballerinas are in outstanding condition with the only flaws being that one of the girls has a little scratch on her nose and chin (both of these could be easily touched up and are not, because of her angle when hung on the wall, easily visible to the casual observer  -see photo 4), and the other has a little surface paint scratch on the side of her right breast (again, not very noticeable). Both figures have the words "Alexander Backer Co.", a copyright symbol and their corresponding item numbers imprinted on their sides
It's hard to find one of these in pink, but a matched pair… pink? Well, that doesn't come along very often

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