Vintage Set OF 144 (Plus 8 Blank) Mah Jong Tiles w/ Dice, Case & More

Excellent Condition 144 (plus 8 blank) Tile Mah Jong Set In a Vinyl Carrying Case with Chips & Dice

Ok, I don't know anything about this game. So I'll tell you what I see. This set has 144 tiles and from what I gather that's the right amount. The tiles are imprinted not silkscreened so that all of the symbols are recessed into the tiles. There are also 8 blank tiles, 3 little dice and one larger one that fits into a round disk, -and there are a number of thin plastic chips
The case is vinyl, with two snaps and a plastic handle and it has the words "Mah Jong" printed in gold on it. It has 4 trays that hold the printed tiles with a space between them for the rest of the stuff, and it's in excellent shape with no rips, tears or scratches
I have no idea how old this set is, but the case makes me think that it's from the 70's. I also have no idea who the manufacturer is since I didn't see it printed anywhere. If you have any info on this set please email me so that I can update my listing
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