Vintage & Rare 1973 Light Mill Ecological Novelty by OpenEnd Inc w/ Original Box

From the Dawn of the "Green" Movement we have this 1973 OpenEnd Inc. Light Mill in Mint Condition with its Original Box & Paperwork

Even though heat driven rotating signs had been around for decades before this little novelty/educational toy, the good folks at OpenEnd thought it an appropriate device by which to question the, the impending "Energy Crisis?": "As wind powers the windmill, heat powers the Light Mill. Sunlight, candles, lightbulbs. Any source of heat and light rotates the Light Mill at speeds up to 3000 RPM"…….."Place the Light Mill near a source of energy and watch this fascinating power at work"    -All I can say is that 3000 RPM sure looks slower than it sounds
This Light Mill stands 5 1/2" high, is 3" in diameter and is a very cool blast from the past that would make a great gift for your favorite Carbon Footprint Fretting, Climate Concerned, Fossil Fuel hating Earthchild

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