Vintage Rare 1950’s Josef Originals Flocked Lion Head Nodder Bobble Head -Japan

Very Rare Josef Originals Flocked Lion Head Nodder

Based on the tag, which is still affixed, I would place this piece around the mid fifties. The tag reads: "Josef Originals Japan" with an interlocking GG in the middle. This would indicate that this was only a couple of years into the George Good era of the company when he had persuaded Muriel Joseph to start manufacturing her figures in Japan to make it economically viable for her to compete with the Japanese forgeries of her work that she was then competing with
This is a very hard piece to find, however, I remember when these were commonly found bobbling away on dashboards and rear window shelves of cars all over the place. Unlike the nervous tick of present day Bobble Heads or Whacky Wobblers, these nodders have a silent and hypnotically smooth motion
This Lion is of excellent quality with tight airbrushed flocking, a soft synthetic fur mane that is firmly affixed and shiny glass eyes. He measures 6" long and 4 1/2" inches high and his condition is perfect. 
If you are a Josefs collector or just a sucker for nostalgia you'll be hard-pressed to find another one of these in this outstanding condition

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