Vintage Perpetual Globe Calendar -Post War Japan w/ Original Box -Like NEW!

This Is a classic piece from Japan's Post War contribution to America's Mid-Century Zeitgeist

This Perpetual Globe Calendar is from the Late 50's to Early 60's and is in Brand New Condition. It comes with its original box, which has some minor bends and shelf wear
This was a standard item on desks when i was a kid. Every time you flip the earth the next date appears, and you control the month and day by turning the knobs on either side of the chrome base. It sits about 3" high and measures 2 1/2" across at its widest point.The bottom is coated with felt, and its pristine condition is further indication that this thing has sat in its box for over 50 years. This is your chance to set this little fella free (I smell a Pixar plot developing; Anamorphic office supplies that come to life with the voices of former sitcom stars once everyone has left for the day. Globesworth here, would be the erudite professorial character voiced by David Hyde Pierce)…..and to maintain chronological awareness at all times

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