Vintage Original 1965 Edition Milton Bradley Mystery Date Game-Complete

This Vintage Original 1965 Edition Mystery Date Game by Milton Bradley is Complete. The Box Top has 3 split corners and a considerable amount of shelf wear, but is still presentable. All of the game pieces are clean and in Very Good Condition, but the board is slightly bowed (this can be straightened out by misting the back side with water and letting it dry flat with books on top of it)

Look I'm a guy, and even I get nostalgic images of The Patty Duke Show, Dippity-Do & Curlers and Leslie Gore singles when I look at this game
If you are currently in the market for an Original Vintage Mystery Date Game let me recommend that you check out our other listings because we are currently auctioning off another 1965 Edition that is……………NEW AND UNUSED…….with it's original pieces STILL IN CELLOPHANE!!! -THERE'S SOMETHING THAT YOU DON'T FIND EVERYDAY!!!

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