Vintage NEW & UNUSED Original 1965 Edition Milton Bradley Mystery Date Game -WOW

Here's a Rare Opportunity to get your hands on an Original Vintage 1965 Milton Bradley Mystery Date Game NEW & UNUSED IN ITS ORIGINAL BOX!!!!
Look at the photos; The parts insert Is Still In Its Original UNBROKEN Cellophane and The Mystery Door Still Has its Cardboard Band on it. The box top has some sticker residue, one dented corner and a little bit of creasing (but no blown corners). The box bottom is in nice shape, but it has one split corner. If you're a condition nut like me you know that you can find pristine Mystery Game boxes at reasonable prices regularly on eBay, but an unused game is unheard of!…..You throw this game into one of those boxes and you have a MINT CONDITION VINTAGE EDITION OF ONE OF THE MOST CLASSIC BOARD GAMES OF ALL TIME (not to mention the number one selling, and rated board game for girls -EVER)


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