Vintage Mid-Century Taylor Temperature Compensated Desk Top Barometer

From the days when people cared about, and payed attention to, just about everything, we have this Beautiful 1950's Taylor Instrument (Rochester N.Y.) Temperature Compensated Desk-Top Barometer with outstanding mid-century lines and design

Standing 5" high and 5 1/2" across, this Barometer is in flawless condition (every time I think I see a flaw it turns out to be a smudge). It's brushed brass plated case, faux wood front and plastic dial face are scratch free. The back is also pristine with an adjustment screw and a table of weather forecast predictions predicated by barometric pressure readings (talk about yer swingin' Saturday Night!) 
This is a classic piece that belongs on shelf, mantle or desk of the discerning retro-hipster

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