Vintage Mid Century Little Boy Blue Blow-Mold Nursery Light Box, Night Light

DSC07936 DSC07937This is the Perfect Vintage Accent for your Nursery or Toddler’s Bedroom! A mid-century blow-mold Light Box that would be a classic feature either on a dresser, nightstand or hanging on a wall. This charming piece features that perennial slacker Little Boy Blue conked out on haystack while his barnyard charges run amuck. I hafta be honest; I confuse this poem with the one about the ladybug all the time, but had I had this little treasure hanging on my bedroom wall as a youngster I would never have fretted over some little trumpeter flying away home to save his burning children….the correct version of this cautionary tale would have been forever embedded in my psyche.
All nursery rhyme mash-ups aside, this is a very unique and whimsical piece that is in nice condition with only some slight wear to the wooden box frame (which measures 6 5/8″ X 7″). The blow-mold plastic image retains its colors and is without any cracks or blemishes (aside from needing a gentle cleaning). The light works perfectly and has a 4 1/2 foot cord. The pictures included show a bulb that will not be included as it’s too large and has too great of a wattage (any little bulb will do). There is eye screw on the back for hanging.
The world has been accelerating frantically for the last couple of decades and kids seem to go from Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer to fragging insurgents in Call of Duty within a couple months. It’d be nice if we could find the time to let our children feel the safety and magic of these traditional motifs that we, and many generations before us, enjoyed from our earliest childhoods.

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