Vintage Mid-Century HEYCO Brass & Teak Gooseneck Lamp -Works

Vintage 1950's HEYCO Brass & Teak Gooseneck Desk Lamp in Very Nice Condition
The brass on this lamp could use a little polishing and there's some corrosion towards the top of the lamp's flexible neck, but that can all be cleaned up. The lamp works, but if you jostle it the light flickers -so there's a connection that needs to be tightened. It extends to about 16", but looks much cooler if bent into a "C" shape at about 10" from the bottom of the base to the bottom of the cone shade. The detail above the shade and the turning switch on the cone base are made of teak and the look great. This is a medium size lamp with a 4" diameter base and a 2 1/2" inch diameter shade (at their widest points). It still has its 6" original cord
This is a very nice peace that will add a little swagger to any room that it illuminates


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