Vintage Lot of 2 Atomic Age Ceramic Ashtrays Haeger Triangular & Boomerang

Here we have 2 1950's Atomic Age, Lounge Lizard Ceramic Biomorphic Ashtrays from the days when smoking was so cool that cancer was a small price to pay!
The first one is a Royal Haeger Model #1673 Turquoise Triangular gem measuring 11" X 10" from its widest and longest points. It is in Excellent Condition, with no noticeable flaws
The second and even More Spectacular one is a 12" X 10" Redish-Brown & Tan Boomerang of Unknown Manufacturing. It is in Very Good Overall condition, But it does have one slight glazing flaw on the upper right edge and a chip on the upper right corner (if the point is facing to the left as in photo 2). Neither of these to blemishes detract significantly from highly displayable appearance of this piece


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