Vintage Leather Weighted Spring-Handled Police Black Jack Sap

I'd prefer the Taser Please!!!
This Vintage (I'd date it between 1925 -1940) Leather Black Jack is Lethal! I've had another one for years and this one is far more heavy and flexible. The spring-loaded handle bends easily, the braided leather is still flexible and without any breaks and the seam at the weighted head is still solid. It Measure's 9 1/4" long, weighs 10 OZ and packs one helluva wallop. You hit someone with this and they're staying down (my hand actually hurt for 2 days after I casually tried it out on my palm)
These old school black jacks are becoming more and more scarce, and expensive to buy. Check the listings; they sell right away…….but it's only a matter of time before eBay puts them on the blacklist with Jarts, BB Guns, and Real Brass Knuckles. This is the perfect compact self-defense tool for your jacket, pant's pocket or glove compartment, but its brutal look and solid craftsmanship make it an equally desirable display piece


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