Vintage Halloween Frankenstein Trick Or Treat Candy Bucket / Pail, Monster Toy

When Did Halloween Get Neutered?

Curfews! Healthy snacks instead of Candy! Kids past the age of 7 being chaperoned by their parents!!!

When I was a kid Halloween had an element of danger. Our parents were home drinking in the kitchen like God intended. They didn't go through our candy with a black light, X-Ray machine and drug-sniffing German Shepard. If one of the kids in the neighborhood bit into a candy apple with a razor blade in it or went missing altogether, well……that was part of the evolutionary law of averages that added to the mystique of the holiday! We plotted out our route like we were taking a beach-head and didn't return home until our candy sacks were so heavy that we had to drag them behind us. The adults in our town knew better than to run out of candy before 10PM and heaven help them if they tried to pass off a piece of fruit that wasn't ensconced in caramel! It wasn't a well-orchestrated play-date! It was bedlam!!! -A simple-carb fueled, feral, free-for-all!!!!

……But I digress. This Vintage Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Pail is Most Outstanding! Franky measures 9" to the top of his flat little head and about 8" around at his widest point. In my day he would have served as a perfect 2 to 5 year old training receptacle (giving way to a professional model pillow case by 6), but he should last well into the tweens of today's  broken-spirited youths. I have never seen another one like him and he would make an excellent addition to any vintage Halloween or Monster Toy collection

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