Vintage Grundig Stenorette Dictaphone 625 Foot Pedal Switch-Made In Germany

If the internet is to be trusted, this is a very rare item. Grundig made several different foot pedals for their Stenorette line of Dictation Machines, but I haven't been able to find another one like this anywhere. It seems to predate all of the others that I've seen by at least a decade and it looks much more deco than the rest with its rounded design, raised lines and minimalist Grundig logo

It's made of sturdy steel, has a 6' – 6" cord w/ a four prong jack, and it clicks perfectly when depressed. This could be modified to be used as an on and off switch for nearly any device with a little bit of effort. Unfortunately I haven't any of the equipment needed to test this pedal out, so we will be selling this As Iswith No Returns

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