Vintage Elgin American Goldtone Light-O-Matic Cigarette Case & Lighter

Vintage Mid-Century Elgin American Goldtone Light-O-Matic Cigarette Case with Push-Button Lighter, original Cloth Pouch and Snap Case

This was back when smoking was classy! Before people started taking those pesky X-Ray things seriously. This cigarette case / lighter would still look pretty slick if you pulled it out of your suit breast pocket and lit up, all James Bond-like, with its self-contained lighter. This Goldtone case is in nice shape with very little wear. There is, however, a small, shallow horizontal dimple about 5/8" long on the back side of the case (its hard to see in the photos). This isn't, by any means, something that detracts from the case as a whole, but I need to be thorough in my descriptions. I assume the lighter works but it is out of fuel and flint (I think it's Butane). It comes with a little cloth bag that would also double as a polishing cloth, and its original snap case -which is kinda dingy, a little dirty and faded. The inside of the cigarette case is shiny and new
This would make a great accessory for any retro-obsessed fella or dame who's been forced out of the restaurant or bar that he or she has been carousing in just to have a smoke

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