Vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Telex 6X Compact Binoculars w/ Gun-Ho Leather Snap Case

Jena Binoculars

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Top Of The Line Antique Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany) Telex 6X Compact Binoculars in Excellent Working Order complete with Awesome Vintage Gun-Ho Leather Snap Case with Belt Slots!

This is a fantastic find! Renowned for precision, Jena binoculars were used by the German army from the Franco-Prussian War through WWII and the Soviet Union afterward until its dissolution. Based on the logo, I believe these to be from the early Post-War East German era circa 1949

These binoculars measuring only 3 3/4" from Ocular to Objective lenses, 5 1/2" across when fully opened, are light, compact, adjust easily and focus perfectly, providing a crystal clear image without any hazing. There is a bit of paint loss and the brass threaded eyepieces need to be cleaned as they have some surface corrosion acquired during storage. Optics are scratch-free, leather grips and strap are in very good condition. Eye cups and caps are not included

The case may be an even rarer, albeit less valuable, acquisition. This vintage 1970's leather Gun-Ho (by Carl Pedro & Sons Inc of St. Paul, MN) snap case is in pristine condition with their famous water-buffalo logo stamped in gold over the front right corner. It springs open and closes easily in the manner of those old change purses that your Mother used to use. This case fits the Jenas perfectly and has belt slots on the back side (beats the hell out carrying your binocs on a lanyard and leaving their case back at camp)

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