Vintage Butz-Choquin Roquebrune 1311 Pipe w/ Original Pouch, St. Claude France

This Vintage Butz-Choquin Roquebrune 1311 Pipe is in Outstanding Condition. It measures 5 5/8" long and is engraved with a leave pattern around its bowl. On one side it has the engraved words " Butz-Choquin Roquebrune" and the initials "BC" in gold, and on the other "St. Claude France 1311" on the other (didn't hafta do a lotta homework for the title of this listing, did I?). It has been used, but the exterior is very clean and without any teethmarks on the stem. The bowl itself is slightly charred with tar, but could be easily cleaned if desired. It comes with its original orange nylon draw-stringed pouch


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