Vintage 70’s Leather & Faux Fur Oakwood Northern Patrol Sz 9 Womens Mukluk Boots

This is an Overwhelmingly Cool pair of Women's Oakwood Northern Patrol Mukluk Boots Made By The Stag Shoe Company of Canada in New, Unused Condition

These boots present many mysteries; the first being the size. Printed on the tag of the left boot and hand written on the tag of the right (next to the printed word "Size") is: 90 N 10  -which I am told by some not too confident shoe clerks at Nordstrom's means: Size 9.0 Narrow, 10 in Europe. -I haven't a clue myself, but my wife wears a size 7 and they are big on her (yes, size 9 big), but if she had a couple pairs of socks they'd work just fine
Now that we have the first mystery laid out for you, here comes the second. There is no internet evidence that the "Stag Shoe Company" of Canada exists outside of this and one other pair of boots that sold awhile ago (they were leopard print low-tops). The "Oakwood Northern Patrol" Boot can be found on a postcard that has also been on sale on eBay, but that's the extent of the cyber presence that this company and its wares have made  -which is kinda odd considering that they claim to have been around, according to the boot's tag, since 1912, and they, based on these boots, made an unbelievably high-quality product
That all being said…..
These Mukluks are Freakin' Fantastic! Using the age of the items in the house of the Estate Sale where I bought them as an indicator, I would date them in the late 70's. They are lined with insulated cotton have leather details and faux beaver fur exteriors. The rubber souls may look dirty in the pictures, but there isn't any dirt on them and I believe that they look like that because they've been scorched in order to harden them. They come up 7" high and have extra long laces to wrap around through the ankle loop before cinching up and tying them off in the front

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