Vintage 60’s Rawlings Glovolium Baseball Glove Dressing Tin Can -Still Full

Remember when you got your first real Baseball Glove? Not that plastic thing from Woolworth's, but a real cowhide number with a faux Steve Garvey or Boog Powell autograph stamped into it. They say that smell is the strongest of the five senses in triggering memories and I don't believe that there is any scent that transports me back in time more vividly than the smell of a new baseball mitt. Unfortunately you only got to spend a couple of hours with that uncorrupted aroma before it was time to dowse it with Rawling's Glovolium! A good soaking with this magic elixir was followed by your new glove being fitted with a couple of balls and fastened shut with rubber-bands overnight. In the morning your stiff new mitt would be flexible, snapping open and shut effortlessly, but smell had changed from that warm leathery odor to a slightly industrial fragrance that never seemed to go away. Truth is though, this new smell kinda rocked!

This unbelievably classic looking 1960's 4 OZ tin can of Rawling's Glovolium is in great condition, without any scratches or dents. There is some mild tarnishing on the unpainted areas of the tin on the top and bottom and the top could use a little cleaning. Although this would make an excellent display piece with its wonderful graphics, it still contains the majority of it's original fluid in case you'd like to season that new glove or just huff the fumes for awhile

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