Vintage 24″ X 28″ Vacu Form Frankensein Ben Cooper Style Halloween Wall Hanger

Frankenstein Wall Hanger

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Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Groovy

This fantastic, vintage 1960's vacu-form Frankenstein Monster Halloween wall decoration is a rare find. Measuring a whopping 28" tall and 24" wide, our favorite re-animated corpse is wearing a psychodelic flowered jacket with an equailly hip belt and a smile that almost makes you forget about the club that he is casually balancing on his shoulder.

Made of the same material as those old Ben Cooper costume masks (it is one sided and hollow just like those masks), Frankie has a few of those little splits at his flanged edges (I count 8 of them), but none of them have traveled past the edge and they are barely noticeable when he is displayed. There are several spots on his face and electric pink t-shirt where the color is faded or missing (see photo), but this may have been from the factory. He also has a couple of little stains on his face (I haven't tried to remove them). All things considered this is a unusual and cool piece that is in very nice condition considering it's age and material that is just begging to be displayed in the right crypt.

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