Vintage 1980 Coleco Telstar Colortron Color Pong Old School Video Game in Box

1980 Coleco Telstar COLORTRON, 4 Game, Color Pong Game in the Original box (in Excellent Condition), 6111 Antenna Switch, Quick Connect Jack, Instruction Pamphlet, Trouble Shooting GuIde / Warrantee Registration and a Coleco Toys & Games '80 Booklet

If you wanna be an old school gamer then step right into the Wayback Machine and behold this Coleco Telstar Pong game. You can play 4 indistinguishable versions of Tennis, Hockey, Handball and Jai-Alai on this little baby, aaaaaaand you get to share the controller with your adversary 'cause the knobs are inconveniently located on the console itself
This thing looks like it got very little play. The console, the switch and jacks all look like new and the box looks like it could have just been pulled off of the Toy Store shelf today

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