Vintage 1970’s Womans Sz. 8 Tokki Tu Orange 3 Piece 100% Wool Flared Pants Suit

Times have really changed. If you're looking for an example to support this claim I submit this little bit of reasoning;
Back in the 1970's, when outlandish clothes were the norm, there is no way in hell that a woman, young or old, could possibly look cool wearing this Tokki Tu 3 Piece Wool Orange Pantsuit with a Knit and White Leather Diamond Patch Vest, Turtleneck Shirt and Flared Pants. I don't care if it was you're Aunt Sylvia or Ali McGraw,……it just wasn't happening
But now, in 2013 / 2014 it's literally impossible NOT to look cool wearing this outfit!!! Hipster Chicks and Soccer Moms the world over could rock this bad girl all day long! Today Vintage trumps all tastes and loud is the new…………..OK, loud is still loud, but now it's not taken for granted
This Pantsuit, as far as I can tell, is new and unworn. I say this because the pant waste and legs are still pinned back and un-hemmed


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