Vintage 1970’s Hot Wheels Redline Large 30″ X 37 1/2″ Pillow Case, Fabric -Rare!

Vintage 1970's Hot Wheels Redline Large 30" X 37 1/2" Pillow Case, Fabric -Rare!

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Hot Wheels collectors are always looking for great accent pieces for their display areas. Well, you can't beat this old 1970's Redline Era Super Large Pillowcase Featuring The Classics: The Red Baron (from the 2nd series in 1970), The Hood and Bugeye (both from the 3rd in 1971). At 30" X 37 1/2" This pillow case has enough soft cotton flannel material to make two smaller pillow cases. The material is clean, with very little wear and without any stains, tears, rips or snags. The colors are vibrant and the artwork is so freakin' cool that it makes me wish that I still had my Hot Wheels from when I was a kid……..maybe I'll start collecting again…..but then I'll wish I'd kept this pillow case…..Man! It hurts to sell cool stuff…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!……Sorry.

Anyway, if it were me I'd take this pillow case apart and make two sofa pillows out of it and put them on a couch under my display case, but then again; I'm a different breed of cat


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