Vintage 1970’s Cooper Officially Licensed “The Fonz” SZ 44 Leather Biker Jacket

This is a very Hard To Find, Especially in this Outstanding Condition, Cooper, Officially Licensed by Paramount Pictures "The Fonz" Brown 100% Leather Replica of Fonzie's Biker Jacket from Happy Days, Mens Size 44!!!!
What a find!!! This thing looks and smells like new. I honestly can't find any signs of wear (in fact I stopped in the middle of typing that to check again, and yep, it's mint!)
If you or someone you know is cool enough to wear this jacket (and that eliminates 99.9% of the planet…….and all the remaining people live in a little remote fishing village in Tierra Del Fuego)……and you or they happen to wear a size 44, well then you hafta get your hands on this jacket!



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