Vintage 1967 Kenner Spirograph Refill Kit New & Unopened -70 New Patterns

So you finally bought that vintage Spirograph Set huh? (-Hopefully from me). Almost every adult wants one to either replace a cherished childhood possession, or to give to a special child for him/her to cherish; and you just can't buy a new one 'cause they have no charm. Believe me I can relate. Y'know what would be the cherry on top though? Lemme tell ya…………………..

In case you don't remember, this kit came with: a new Drawing Baseboard (cause the old one starts looking like a target on a firing range after awhile), Spirograph Paper (yes, their special waxy paper that somehow never allows the ink to dry and causes your masterpieces to smear if touched a month later) aaaaaaaand "Simple guides for 70 NEW PATTERNS FOR YOU TO DRAW" of which "16 DESIGNS" were "ILLUSTRATED IN FULL COLOR ON KIT" and with additional "GUIDES FOR 54 MORE ON INSIDE".  -Man! their packaging disigners sure hated the Definite Article of Speach -"…On INSIDE", "…FULL COLOR ON KIT". Sounds like a guest star on I Dream Of Jeanie playing a Russian Cosmonaut              -but I digress
If you need an Original 1967 Spirograph to go along with your Original 1967 Spirograph Refill Kit then check out our other sales. We have a really sweet one set aside just for you

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