Vintage 1967 Kenner Spirograph No. 401 Complete & Barely Used in Very Nice Box!

This Spirograph Set is in Excellent Condition. All of the pieces including the pins, all three pens (of course, as always they've dried up over time), the drawing board with very few holes in it (I forgot to take a picture of it 'cause it was under the tray in the box, and I'm just too lazy now, but believe me it looks great) and the original pattern guide in a very nice box (it has some extremely faint stains in the bottom right corner, but there are no torn corners bulges or creases (look at the pictures). There is also some paper included; given the low number of holes in the board I would guess that it's original paper, but I remember Spirograph paper being annoyingly waxy (and the ink would always smear on it). This paper isn't like that so it might be from something else

This would make a great gift for……..actually I can't think of a single person that this wouldn't be a great gift for! I love it and want to keep it myself
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