Vintage 1966 Mattel Thingmaker Fun Flowers Set -Works!

Were there no lawsuits before the 1980's?
Thingmaker toys were great, but Holy Crap were they dangerous! This one is even geared towards little girls. Forgive me ladies, but I had sisters and they would have gleefully disfigured themselves with this toy………..and I love that!    -Your kid injures his or herself with a toy? Don't blame the toy; hold the little dolt back a year in school and send a letter to the manufacturer thanking them for pointing out the genetic weakness of your offspring! When we were kids the toys weren't safe, but we were entrusted to play with them safely……and that's a lesson lost to the past along with Teeter Totters, Jarts, BB Guns, Bikes with gear shifters in the middle of the frames and Playsets that featured heating elements that melted plastic
This 1966 Mattel Thingmaker Fun Flowers Set includes: Working Thingmaker Oven (in nice shape, works perfectly), 7 Original Molds, Cooling Tray, 4 Original Bottles Of Plasti-Goop (Mostly Empty), Styrofoam Flower Arranger, Petal Shaper, Instruction Booklet, Handle and several assorted pins
The Box Top is in Excellent Condition, but "Cindi M." has written her name in marker towards the bottom. The styrofoam bottom, however, is a mess. The Plasti-Goop has (as it famously does) eaten away the foam and a random assortment of flowers have melted into one of the divider spaces
The oven and molds are in terrific condition, but they could use a light cleaning


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