Vintage 1962 Keane “A Boy’s Dog” & “Watching” Big Eye Kids 2 Print Set, Framed

Vintage 1962 Keane "A Boy's Dog" & "Watching" Big Eye Kids 2 Print Set,  in Wood Frames with Brass Placards Printed with the Titles and Credited (erroneously) to Walter Keane

These Keane Big Eye Prints Measure 9 1/4" X 14 1/2" in there frames. The frame for the boy is a little rough, but the girl's is fine, with only a couple of small nicks. The boy's print has a faint crease towards the top and both prints and frames need to be cleaned (I found them in an estate sale garage). The backs still have the Turner Wall Accessory Stamp on the backs
If you, like me have been aware of, collected, bought or sold Big Eye prints and collectibles over the years, you know how the values have gradually increased over the last couple of decades. The mod kids of Keane and Lee became a bit of a pop culture touchstone in the 90's with their use in various music promotions (most notably on the cover of the "If I Was A Carpenter" Carpenter's Tribute Album and on the back cover of Redd Kross' album Third Eye). Well, in case you haven't heard, Tim Burton's next movie "Big Eyes" is in post-production. It deals with Margaret Keane (the true artist behind these works and the originator of the Big Eye style to begin with) and her jerk, credit grabbing husband, Walter. The reason that I mention this is that the values of these prints is bound to go up; just like original 1962 Bubbles Inc. Mars Attacks Cards, and Ed Wood movie posters did in the wake of some of Burton's other films

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