Vintage 1961 Transogram Hucklberry Hound’s Huckle-Chuck Game In Box

Well, here's something you don't run across every day!
A 1961 Transogram Huckleberry Hound Huckle Chuck Game With The Box and Almost Complete
Our Friend Huckleberry Hound Stands 30" Tall and is Made Out of Masonite. His Head is Fastened with a Metal Leaf Spring that causes it to Sway Back & Forth. His mouth is open and has a plastic back that is used for Bean Bag Toss, The Corners of his Hat are for Ring Toss and he's holding up a Bullseye Target with pictures of Yogi Bear, Quickdraw McGraw, Mr. Jinks and Pixie & Dixie for Suction Darts. He has two masonite pieces that slide into slots to create feet so that Huck can stand
This game has it's almost never seen box, although it's in pretty shabby condition. The instructions are moth eaten and the game board itself is in played with condition and needs to be cleaned. Included are all for Original Bean Bags in nice condition, 2 of the 4 Original Darts (plus an extra suction cup with a washer) and 3 of the 4 Original Ring Toss Rings


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