Vintage 1960’s Ray Rayner Cuddly Dudley Stuffed Doll, Plush Toy -Chicago Icon

"Hello Ray, and how are you today?"

If you grew up in the Chicagoland area in the 60's and 70's Ray Rayner and Friends holds a special place in your heart. Of course, you know that or you wouldn't be looking at this listing. We remember our old pal Cuddly Dudley (voiced by Roy "Cookie the Kookie Cook" Brown from Bozo's Circus) reading the mail with Ray every week. It was one of the show's highlights and for that reason, even after you reached the the venerable ages of 11 or 12 it was still OK to keep a Stuffed "Cud" sittin' around your bedroom
This particular Cuddly Dudley is in need of animal rescue. As you can see by the pictures; his neck is broken, his ribbon is faded and frayed and he needs a light cleaning……but after all the good times he gave us, we just can't abandon him folks!

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