Vintage 1960s Kodak 24M Brownie Starflash Outfit w/ Packet of 5 Dura Flash Bulbs

This is a classic! A 1950''s Kodak 24M Brownie Starflash Camera, in the box with 5 Dura Flash Bulbs
I had one of these when I was a kid. It used 127 mm Black and White or Color film and It took the best black & white photos ever. Kodak manufactured these from 1957 to 1965 and they are a marvel of mid-century design. In my opinion, digital photography just doesn't get it (although it's a helluva lot easier…….I mean, I didn't take pictures of this Starflash with another Starflash, did I?). The good news is that they still sell film and flash bulbs for these cameras……as well as kits for developing film. Wouldn't it be a cool project for you and a little son, daughter, niece or nephew to take and develop 4 X 4 Black and White photos?
This camera appears to be in very nice condition, but I haven't any film or a battery for the flash to test it. Considering the limited number of working parts and the reputation that Brownies had for lasting, I'm betting that this little gem will work like new


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