Vintage 1960’s Ever-Wear Tav-L-Bar, Travel Bar Set, Excellent Condition with Key

DSC07922┬áThis is a Swanky, Mad Men era Essential: The Trav-L-Bar by Ever-Wear. How could one pickle his/her liver without a ceaseless supply of alcohol? So indulge that 2 pack a day habit, slather on that Brill Cream and douse yourself with Jade East cologne -show these new age milk-toasts how life is supposed to be lived. Cars were meant to guzzle gas, women like to be called “Babe” and Mel Torme could totally kick Bruno Mars’ ass!!!!!

…Sorry ’bout that. It’s the booze talkin’

This case is in nearly perfect conditon. It has compartments for two whiskey bottles on one side (or one whiskey and one mixer). and holds various bar tools on the other. It comes with four medium size aluminum cups and one small one, a mixing spoon, an antler handled bottle opener, a deck of unopened playing cards and an envelope with a key to lock the case. An empty bottle is included.

I’m not sure if this set is complete, but as I’ve researched these on eBay, I’ve come to realize that there are a variety of impliments that have been included over the years and there are a number of listings for stand alone Trav-L-Bar accessories in case you feel like adding anything to yours.

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