Vintage 1960’s Eprad Drive-In Movie Speaker From The Dundale Drive-In Theater

Is it merely a coincidence that America peaked at around the same time that the Drive-In Movie Theater was at its zenith, and has steadily declined in proportion to the Drive-In's disappearance from our landscape? Today's cars generate no excitement, clothing amounts to social camouflage and popular music a dismally redundant, artistically void money-laundering scam (there is some great music out there but the general public is utterly oblivious to it). Only movies have maintained, and in some genres, surpassed the quality of the past…………….-And where do we go to see them? In generic strip-mall multi-plexes with 38 screens in mandatory 3D!!!! We used to take time to pack the family, lawn chairs and snacks into the Vista Cruiser or Safari Station Wagons to spend a warm Summer night under the stars watching rubber space aliens paw at buxom brunettes. Indeed, we are a nation in decline!!!

As an homage to our glorious past I believe that all American homes should have a Drive-In Movie speaker proudly displayed in their TV room…….and this is your chance to own:
A Genuine Drive-In Movie Speaker from the Dundale Drive-In Theater of East Dundee Illinois made by The Eprad Company of Toledo Ohio!
This speaker is in Very Good Overall Condition, but I, of course, have no way of checking its functionality. It has "Dundale Drive-In Theatre" (which operated from 1960-1981) engraved in red on a plate towards the top. As part of America's vaunted leisure legacy, this would make an excellent shelf piece next to your The Day The Earth Stood Still "Gort" cardboard give-away mask or your Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill movie poster

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