Vintage 1960s Cuddly Dudley Stuffed Dolll, Excellent Condition -Ray Rayner’s Pal

"We're off to Cuddly Dudley's house he's cute as he can be. With his fur of gold and his nose so cold he's cuddly as can be. He's got riddles and jokes and the fun that he pokes is never aimed at me. Here's the place that he lives and the name that he gives is Cuddly"

This 1960's Cuddly Dudley will transport you, against your will, back to weekday mornings of Garish Jumpsuits, Inept Craft Making, Feral Goose Assaults, School Snow Closure Announcements, Trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Cub/Sox Combo Hats and some of the best hours of your life. We awoke to Ray Rayner & Friends every morning. He kept us entertained while we got dressed, ate breakfast and waited to go to school. And once a week, our favorite day of the week, Ray would visit our old pal Cud to open the mail -and in those moments order was restored to an otherwise chaotic universe
This Cuddly Dudley is in Nearly Perfect Condition. I say "Nearly" 'cause he's missing his original bow, but let's be honest here folks; a bow is a bow is a bow…….am I right? I don't care if you manufactured Cuddly Dudleys for a living  back in the day; if I put a new bow of the right color, length and width on our yellow pal here you'd never be able to tell 
In case you've been shopping for one of these for awhile you might have noticed that I sold another Cuddly Dudley that had a broken neck and was a tad dirty last week. Well, this is his cleaner healthier cousing…….This Cud is clean and odor free and ripe for hugging

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