Vintage 1960’s Airguide Dashboard Compass For Automobile Or Boat

Here we have your basic 1960's Airguide Model #99 Auto/Boat Compass -as seen on the dashboard of every Dad driving a 1970's Ford Country Squire, Pontiac Grand Safari, Olds Vista Cruiser or Chevy Caprice Estate

Back then our fathers acted as if they were modern incarnations of Jim Bridger and Kit Carson when they were behind the wheel. With 47 different road maps tucked under the visor, a NHRA worthy tool kit in the trunk, a pressure gauge, flashlight, snake bite kit and 3 months worth of K Rations in the glove box they were almost ready to take on mysteries of the road. But none of these rugged individualists would ever dream of a embarking on a cross-country family vacation without their trusty Airguide bubble compass!!! If you are restoring a classic 60's/70's wagon this is the cherry on the sundae (this and one of those Union 76 orange Styrofoam antenna toppers)

This Compass is in nearly perfect cosmetic condition, and judging by the N by NW bearing that it's reading here on my desk it seems to function properly as well. This model is supposed to light in some manner or another, but I don't know if this function is working. It has the AAA battery cylinder, the spring and a bulb, but I don't have the right size battery and it looks like the filament in the bulb is out. If it isn't working I'm sure little effort would be required to rectify that situation…….I mean, our fathers would have welcomed that challenge! That's the problem with men today; they want everything handed to them!!! YOU SLACKERS!!!!…….Sorry, I got a little carried away there

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