Vintage 1960 Renwal Visible V8 Model Kit

The Visible V8 ranks right up there with the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby as one of those classic projects that your dad promised to do with you, but instead became an intensely obsessive control freak who demanded that you sit quietly by as he "showed you how it was done". That's why so many adults buy these kits; so they can actually assemble the birthday or Christmas present that they were once forbidden to touch

I have no idea how complete this model is. Only the piston section has been assembled (that's probably when the father in question had to leave the house to dispose of his son's battered body in a cornfield….only to be caught by the authorities in the act of burying it…..eventually resulting in him being sentenced to the gas chamber and therefore never allowing him to return home to complete the model that brought out his homicidal streak in the first place!!!!    -OK, so I have some negative memories associated with this model……Big Deal!!!). There is no exterior box, but the individual parts boxes, the blueprint/instructions and the "How An Engine Works" manual are all present. If I had to guess, I would say that at least 90% of the pieces are there, but again  -I'm not sure. You could always just give the parts to your dad and let him figure it out

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