Vintage 1958 Walt Disney’s Zorro 12″ X 9″ Jigsaw Puzzle, 104 Pieces -Complete

What A Classic Piece of Disneyana!
This 1958 Jaymar 104 Piece, 12" X 9" "Triple Thick" Zorro Puzzle has an outstanding depiction of the brave and highly competent Sgt. Garcia assuring the meek, effete and somewhat cowardly Don Diego that the Nefarious Bandit Zorro would soon be caught!  -Kinda like someone telling Obama that he'll soon locate the source of America's economic problems!   -If you don't get the gist of my brief political foray there, well, just don't worry your pretty little head over it
This puzzle is complete and in good shape. It does, however, inexplicably have one scuffed up piece (see photo 4). The box is in OK condition; it is a little dirty and has some flaws here and there but is solid at all corners top and bottom


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