Vintage 1950’s Set Of 4 10″ X 18″ Four Seasons Paint By Numbers Paintings

Four Season Paint By Numbers

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Very Nice Vintage 1950's Set Of 4 10" X 18" Four Seasons Paint By Numbers Paintings displayed together on Wood Backing

What Den or Rec Room of the Late 50's or early 60's didn't have a Paint By Numbers Painting Hanging on its Notty Pine walls? What was once a craft project cum decorating folly (only rivaled the equally ubiquitous completed and shellacked picture puzzle) has become a staple of kitschmeisters and retro re-decorators throughout the land. Hipster thrift stores can't keep 'em on the shelves and estate sales have begun to jack up their prices. This set is one of the nicest finish products of its kind that I've seen. The person who painted these was very meticulous and the vibrant seasonal colors would make this a superb accent to any L.L. Bean inspired man cave or cozy, vintage furniture appointed family room. The original owner of these four dime-store gems cleverly created a unified wall display for them by affixing paneling splines at the top and bottom of a custom cut piece of stained 1/4" luan that allows them to slide into place without permanently affixing them. Now if you could just find about 300 square feet of burnt orange deep pile shag carpet!

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