Vintage 1950’s Scott’s All Aluminum Zephyr Duster / Seeder w. Very Rare Spout

This is an Awesome Vintage 1950's Scott's Zephyr Aluminum Duster / Seeder with it's Original Very Hard To Find Original Aluminum Spout Tube in Fantastic Working and Cosmetic Condition

These come up every now and then on eBay, and lets face it; to dust your flowers nobody's come up with a better gadget. Problem is, no one ever has the Original Spout Tube, -and I wouldn't have either if I hadn't scoured the estate sale that I found this baby in for over an hour (it was in the corner of the basement behind the furnace). These were originally made to receive various Scott's products that were packaged in 3" diameter tubes that were designed to fit in it, but you can retro-fit any 3" outside diameter tube, be it PVC or cardboard to fit inside it. The handle cranks easily and the function that limits the amount of seeds or chemicals released seems to function perfectly. The graphics of the Scott's logo embossed on both sides of the green plastic handle and the "Zephyr" snowflake logo on the foil sticker on the outside of the crank box give this sleek aluminum design complete mid-century flair. -So this piece is as cool looking as it is funcitonal

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