Vintage 1950’s Pure Wool Alpine Winter Sports Scarf, Hand Printed in Switzerland

This Fantastic Vintage 1950's Swiss Made Alpine Wool Scarf Measures 48" long and 10 3/4" wide. It is made from soft pure wool fabric that has been folded and hemmed together to form a tube that is fringed on either end. It's the unbelievable kitschyness of the hand printed graphics that make this scarf a treasure. There are depictions of skiers making jumps, holding onto toe ropes, being pulled by horses and snowplowing down hills. There are figure skaters, hockey players and even curlers…….reign deer, mountain tops, evergreen trees, various sizes and shapes of snowflakes, the sun, the moon and stars!!!

The overall condition of this piece is excellent with the only small flaw being 3 tiny holes no bigger than pin heads in different place that weren't visible to me until I held it up to the light. Since the fabric has been doubled they aren't really noticeable. There isn't a manufacturers tag, but there is a label that reads: "Pure Wool…Hand Printed In Switzerland"
This would make an excellent winter accessory for any Vintage Obsessed Man or Woman

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