Vintage 1950’s Peter Puppet Davy Crockett Marionette in Excellent Condition

This Hard To Find 1950’s Davy Crockett Hand Painted, 15″ Marionette from the Peter Puppet Company is in Excellent Condition
Davy’s clothes and hat are clean, without any rips or stains, and with only some slight pilling and a bit of fraying at the hems of his shirt and pants. His painted face is nearly perfect, but his boots have a few spots of paint scuffed off. He is missing his mouth string, but this is easily replace in minutes with any string you might have lying around. His head and feet seem to be made of some sort of plaster, but I’m not sure. He has a triangular control card, which reads “Unitrol” (patent No. 2509135) with labeled slots so his strings can be removed if tangled. He is missing his knife, but for a feller who could grin down a grizzly this is a hardly a necessity.

This is the perfect addition to any Davy Crockett collection.  Not the first, nor last, politician to be considered a puppet, this particular embodiment of the King of the Wild Frontier is as functional as he is displayable.

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