Vintage 1950’s Olson M-102 Crystal Pill Microphone -RCA 77 Replica

This is a 1960 Olson M-102 (RCA 77 Replica) Pill Microphone with a Cast Iron Snyder Base
This mic hasn't been tested, since I don't have anyway of doing so; so it's being sold AS Is with No Returns. It obviously is going to need a little work since the wires under the base are no longer connected and the pigtail cord has been cut about 4' towards the end. Whomever used this prior to me picking it up at an estate sale has applied electrical tape to the back side of the mic (this was before Mudguards and other vocal isolator's folks). There is a very small chip on the edge of the bakelight banding at the front and the cast iron base and chrome stand are in rough condition
What you're actually getting here is an Iconic Microphone with a very good, dent free grill, that will clean up nicely with a little effort and a dab of chrome polish…. and, once rewired with a new cord, will look and sound great on a new stand


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